Rules for the League of Legends Cup are:
• At least 1 player from each team must idle in the #gMen IRC channel: []
• EU West
• Only one map each round!
• For all matches The Custom Game Tournament Draft mode is used on the map Summoners Rift.
• Each team picks 3 bans.
• At the end of a match both teams need to upload a screenshot of the scoreboard and upload it to ( and post this link to a game admin.
• Do not change Summoner names or transfer servers before receiving prizes, in order to ensure that there are no errors in the prizing process.
• Do not change Summoner Names on roster after Cup started!
• No-shows will be given after 15 minutes which will result in a 1-0 score for the opposing team.
• When a player disconnects, the game can be paused until the player returns. He will need to return to the game as soon as possible. The maximum pause time is 30 minutes.
• Another feature that we rolled out previously, Custom Game Pause is a set of commands that allows players to pause and un-pause the game. This feature is only available in Tournament Draft Custom Games. The commands to use the pause feature are, as you might have guessed, /pause and /unpause.

Rules for the Enemy Territory cup are:
  • Banned CG players are not allowed to participate in the cup.
  • All players must record a demo throughout the match!
  • Noshows will be given 15 minutes after scheduled starting time. If your opponent is not there contact an admin.
  • Teams must provide their own server.
  • A player should only play for one team. If a team wants to use a player that has already played in the cup contact an admin and we will review the case.
  • Each team is allowed to have 1 spectator.
  • At least one player from each team must idle in #gMen
  • A team gets disqualified after there has been evidence of any kind of bug abuse. (proof must be given with a screenshot/record!)
  • The server must have the latest available 3o3 config (/callvote config global3).
  • Side is allowed!
  • The semifinals and final will be broadcasted on
  • In case of a double fullhold, an elimination system of the mappool is used to decide what map is played. The winner of the cointoss gets to vote the map (between 2 options)
  • For any further questions, or unclear statements, you must contact an admin.

Rules for the CS:GO gMen Cup are:
Team Size:
- 1-8 teams: Bo3 & Single elimination (Grand Final Bo3)
- 9+ teams: Bo1 & Single elimination (Grand Final Bo3)

- All teamcaptains must idle in the IRC channel #gMen
- 5on5 format
- All players must use their real nickname
- Teamcaptains must PM an admin with the score

- VAC must be installed on server and all players need to record POV demo's
- Teams can decide to use ESL wire ( [] in a gather ESL match.

Server settings
- ESL CS:GO Serverconfig must be installed on the server: []
- Each team is allowed a 10 minute pause each round
- Overtime - Maxrounds 3 with mp_startmoney 10000
Each half Consists of 15 rounds with 1:45 round time (mp_roundtime_defuse 1.75) When 15 rounds has passed the teams swap sides.

In Game
- In-game cheating is prohibited and will result in a ban in all #gMen initiatives
- It is not allowed to use bugs in maps
- Player boosting is allowed
- Noshows will be given 15 minutes after the time scheduled for the match